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Signing Ceremony and Official Launch of Prince Bank PLC. Special Packages for CSX Listed Companies

WED 2020 08 JAN 05:26:PM (GMT: WED 2020 08 JAN 10:26:AM)


On the morning of Wednesday, January 08, 2019, the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) together and Prince Bank Plc. are signing a Joint Statement on Incentives for CSX Listed Companies at the CSX building. The event was chaired by H.E. HONG Sokhour, Chief Executive Officer of the CSX, and Mr. Hon Sorachana, CEO of Prince Bank Plc.. There were many participants from the listed companies, potential listed companies, securities firms, and the related entities. The Joint Statement is to provide incentives for all CSX securities listed companies for a better rate of loan and fixed deposit.

For the details, please download the attached files.

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