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» World'Vest Base Announces Spreadsheet Editor Functionality on the WVB Databases via the WWW
Chicago, Illinois, June -- World''Vest Base Inc., today announced the release of WVB Spreadsheet Editor, version 1.0, http://www.wvb.com -- WVB Spreadsheet Editor, provides investment professionals worldwide with instant capabilities to create spreadsheet reports against the WVB Oracle databases via the World Wide Web.

This is the first, and presently only, service that delivers this capability via the web. Using WVB Spreadsheet Editor, the user can build and extract his own spreadsheet from the WVB Master and WVB Analyst databases. Reports once build, can be saved on a secure server, so that the user may retrieve at a later date. "The Editor is the logical evolution to WVB previous build Excel spreadsheets and Valuation models. It is important to empower the data users, which means eliminate the need to know SQL or to rely on the in-house IT department. End-users need the flexibility to retrieve data, in a format that they are familiar with, so that they can concentrate on the analysis and decision process. " said Philippe O. Piette Jr., CEO of World''Vest Base Inc.

The WVB services further include the WVB Quickview; WVB Dossiers; WVB Master with direct import into an Excel spreadsheet; WVB Analytical Models, natural language search on the financial documents and various database search routines. In addition to the WVB site, World''Vest Base is available through a variety of third-party information services (Hemmington Scott http://www.hemscot.com, Data Downlink http://www.xls.com, OM Gruppen http://www.omgroep.com, ADR http://www.adr.com and WOQATS http://www.woqats.com).

World''Vest Base, WVB Dossiers, and WVB Quickview are trademarks of World''Vest Base, Inc. All other company and product names used herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. World''Vest Base Inc., founded in 1984, provides as reported, detailed company information that enables its clients worldwide to make superior investment, credit and trading decisions. Based in Chicago, Ill., World''Vest Base also has offices in major financial centers throughout the world. Information on World''Vest Base is also available on-line at http://www.wvb.com. SOURCE World''Vest Base, Inc.