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» SIX strengthens position in Nordic Region
Bonnier’s SIX AB and Chicago based World''Vest Base Inc., today announced a strategic cooperation to impr Posve the analysis functions in SIX Trader, an advanced trading terminal system used by several thousand analysts and traders. Modern database technology and Internet made the cooperation possible. Everyone with access to a SIX Trader, will be offered access to a number of different options for fundamental analysis. Subscribers, will get access to key data on quoted companies, in a so-called "WVB Quickview" or "WVB Dossier". It was developed in close cooperation with several traders and analysts in Scandinavia and Europe. Users can also download annual reports and other documents, and work with several different analytical tools.

Per Lindblad, President of SIX AB, sees the cooperation as an important initiative in further strengthening SIX position, as the most dominant financial data provider in the Nordic financial markets. "To remain strong in this competitive industry, its is imperative to continuously develop our products in order to offer a complete solution for the customer." says Lindblad. Among the competitive advantages he mentions the ease at which to retrieve the information and also the broad choice of analysis possibilities.

Philippe Piette, CEO of WorldVest Base Inc., explains that WorldVest Base is proud of working together with SIX because of Six’s high quality products and dominant position in Scandinavia. WorldVest Base, he continues, has been most popular among researchers at the larger investment banks and consulting firms. "It is a new way for WorldVest to reach users on the trading desks and it is really exciting to offer such high quality tools."

SIX AB, is a subsidiary of Bonnier AB, and the leading provider of trading and financial information in the Nordic Region. Its various products are Six Trade, Six Trust, Six Web and Six WIN . SIX AB can be found at http://www.six.se .

World''Vest Base Inc., the benchmark for high quality international "as reported" financial information, is the leader in providing the broadest coverage of professional grade financial data to the investment banking, accounting, consulting and lending market. World''Vest Base Inc. specializes in the compilation, integration, display and delivery of a superior quality database of descriptive and analytic information on over 12,000 non-US corporations. Well known to professional consulting and investment banking community for 15 years, the company distributed its services traditionally through other parties and since 1997 under its brand name. Aside from the Six AB, the company’s data is also distributed via on-line vendors and independent finance oriented web sites, such as OM Stockholm AB; European Investor; Hemmington Scott; XLS Datadownlink; IDD; ADR.COM; as well as through its own web site (http://www.wvb.com).

For more information, please contact:

Per Lindblad, President, SIX AB
Phone: +46-8-736 51 02

Philippe Piette, CEO, WVB
Phone: +1-616-756-9711