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» World'Vest Base Inc. and Zacks Investment Research Inc. announce distribution agreement
CHICAGO,Il., June 15, -- World''Vest Base Inc. (http://www.wvb.com), the largest and most respected international financial information provider to the investment banking community, entered into a distribution agreement with Zacks Investment Research Inc. (http://www.zacks.com), a full service quantitative research firm. Under this agreement, Zacks Investment Research Inc. will distribute and market the complete WVB Quickview, WVB Trader, WVB Dossier databases (13,000+ non-US companies) and WVB Quantal (a database of Forecasted Betas and other risk measurements).

Philippe O. Piette, Jr. World''Vest Base''s CEO, said "We view Zacks as a strategic relationship. I am exiting of working with one of the leading providers of US earnings forecast. Zacks content and web tools are among the best available in the market place."

Jamie Brown, Senior Vice President of Zacks, said "World''Vest Base allows us to complement our product range along with JCF earnings estimates. Our clients in the USA have been requesting international fundamental data for some time now and we are very pleased to be able to add this highly respected database to our product range."

About World’vest Base, Inc.
World''Vest Base Inc., the benchmark for high quality international "as reported" financial information, is the leader in providing the broadest coverage of professional grade financial data to the investment banking, accounting, consulting and lending market. World''Vest Base Inc. specializes in the compilation, integration, display and delivery of a superior quality database of descriptive and analytic information on over 16,000 non-US corporations and 9,000 US companies supplied by Media General Financial Services Inc.. Well known to the professional consulting and investment banking community for 15 years, the company has distributed its services traditionally through other parties and since 1997 under its brand name. The company''s data is also distributed via on-line vendors such as Bureau Van Dijk; AXL Performance Solutions; Exchange Data International; AFX News; Stockpoint; Media General and independent finance oriented web sites, such as Interactive Investors; Inlumen Inc.; Quantal International; JCF; Onvista AG; EuroFinancials.com; Six AB; ADR.COM; Zacks Inc.; Deutsche Bank GDR; as well as through its own web site (http://www.wvb.com).

About Zacks Investment Research Inc.
Zacks Investment Research was formed in 1978 to compile, analyze, and distribute investment research to both institutional and individual investors. The guiding principle behind Zacks work is the belief that investment experts, such as brokerage analysts and investment newsletter writers, have superior knowledge about how to invest successfully. The company goal is to unlock their profitable insights for its customers. Zacks provides this powerful information through our own web site, Zacks.com, and through partnerships with over 1500 web sites who provide our data. This extensive outreach makes Zacks research the most widely used investment research on the web. (http:/www.zacks.com)