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» AmericaEconomia.com and ShibuiMarkets unite to offer free in-depth financial information on thousands of Latin American corporations
MIAMI, Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- AmericaEconomia magazine, the Spanish- and Portuguese-language business magazine with the largest circulation in Latin America, has created an alliance with ShibuiMarkets to provide a database and online search tool which allows readers to get hard-to-find financial information on thousands of companies throughout Latin America. The information provided for each company includes corporate data, facts & figures, financial statistics, and key ratios.

The database and search tool are available on Latinvestor (www.latinvestor.com), the online financial channel of the AmericaEconomia website (www.americaeconomia.com). Latinvestor, an award-winning site, offers an extensive selection of up-to-date reports on the economies and the major corporations of Latin America. By adding the ShibuiMarkets financial database to the site, Latinvestor now offers broader and much more detailed financial information. Access to ShibuiMarket''s database and search tool will be free of charge to the more than 30,000 registered users of the Latinvestor site.

"This powerful partnership with ShibuiMarkets makes Latinvestor an indispensable tool for anyone investing in Latin America," says Ian McCluskey, publisher of AmericaEconomia. "For investors, analysts and journalists who are looking for high-quality financial data and economic analysis, Latinvestor is a must."

In today''s world, financial data is abundant but not always understood. ShibuiMarkets was developed with the goal of helping viewers understand rather than simply know the facts and figures. Through its partnership with World''Vest Base, the premier publisher of international fundamental information, ShibuiMarkets provides its users with in-depth knowledge of different corporate financial indicators.

"We are very excited about our new collaboration with AmericaEconomia," said Roberto Krell, CEO of ShibuiMarkets. "Through the integration of ShibuiMarkets technology and World''Vest Base fundamental data into the Latinvestor channel, AmericaEconomia''s viewers can interactively screen and research the financial standings of Latin American companies. This tool complements the wealth of information available on the AmericaEconomia magazine and website."

About ShibuiMarkets
Miami-based ShibuiMarkets (www.shibuimarkets.com) is a leading global financial portal built on the spirit of Shibui, going beyond simply knowing facts and figures and into understanding financial information. It is the only site of its kind focused on integrating hard-to-find fundamental financial information and discussion forums about companies from all over the world.

About AmericaEconomia
AmericaEconomia Magazine (www.americaeconomia.com), published since 1986, is the leading regional business magazine in Latin America. It is published every two weeks in Spanish and Portuguese and is the preferred publication of Latin America''s leading executives. Its editors and reporters are located in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Miami, in addition to a network of correspondents located throughout the world, assuring unequaled coverage of local and international business with a truly Latin American perspective.