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» World'Vest Base announces new website softlaunch
18 August, signified by the number 188, symbolises prosperity and abundance of wealth according to Chinese belief. This is the day that also marks an important chapter in WVB''s corporate history, as it prepares for the launch of its newly revamped website. This softlaunch acts as a precursor for greater things to come as WVB anticipates to officially launch its new website next year.

Among the hightlights of the website is its refreshing new design theme orange and blue. The orange spritz is mainly used for the energy and radiance that it generates, projecting WVB''s vital presence and role to the financial markets.

The new website incorporates more detailed descriptions about WVB''s product and services. From a general angle of what WVB products and services are, it further takes you step by step to a more comprehensive description of each of their product offerings, which has proved to be invaluable to many of WVB''s corporate clients and partners.

The new website also reveals for the first time ever, one of WVB''s driving force to excellence, which is through their underlying philosophy founded on Pure Facts (P-promptness, U-user-definition, R-reliability, E-extensiveness, F-flexibility, A- accurate data, C-completeness, T-transparency and S-skills).

Another interesting feature is the frequently asked questions(FAQs) section to help visitors obtain a quick grasp on WVB''s business and to answer most of their general queries about WVB''s products.