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» Exclusive interview by China Press (part 2/4)
Research well before investing, key to financial success

(Kuala Lumpur, 14 March), World''Vest Base, Inc (WVB)''s CEO Philippe O'' Piette views that as a serious investor, one should know the company''s background and fundamentals before investing. However, obtaining the financials could be difficult for some, due to lack of resources. And furthermore, investors need to have some basic understanding of finance to truly make informed decisions.

WVB, has been established since 1984 and is a global financial fundamental data provider. WVB is based in Chicago and its data is also being used by the financial institutions there. Till now, WVB remains to be one of the top financial data provider in US.

Philippe expressed that initially their company concentrated on the European companies'' financials. However, there was a client who requested to have a global database. Thus, gave WVB the idea of expanding their financial database to cover global listed companies.

Initially, WVB''s clientele was concentrated in Europe and US, however it slowly expanded to other countries. There were a lot more financial data providers back then, but due to mergers and takeovers, these independent financial data providers were left with a handful only.

Among these financial data providers, one of them was in UK and the other was WorldScope. However, the major difference between WVB and WorldScope is that WorldScope''s clientele is mainly in US, and therefore a lot of their data is using US accounting standards as a benchmark. However, WVB refers to the countries'' respective accounting standards so that is true to the source of documentation.

Initially, WVB started off as a financial database, however due to demands of the industry, the company is now starting to collect directors'' biography and the background of these directors. In fact, WVB is constantly innovating its database to include more new products.

WVB has managed to diversify its business from its core financial database to a database of directors. Last year, WVB had launched a Director''s Dealings database, providing information on the directors and also their shares ownership of companies that they hold.

Philippe added that with such information, this will enhance the investors'' view of the market as a whole as well as the company itself. For example, if a directors starts to dispose its shares, it is an indicator that we cannot ignore.

Philippe also added that as the economy progresses, investors would need to know more about the companies to make informed decisions. Hence, a useful and comprehensive financial database is essential. However, the compiling of these resources could be taxing