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» Exclusive interview by China Press (part 3/4)
From Speculators to Investors, Asia must re-engineer themselves.

(Kuala Lumpur, 14 March), From an undeveloped country, a developing country to a fully developed country, there is an economic pattern that can followed or be traced. This is the same for a stock market. Most people will start off as speculators and slowly become a more sophisticated investor through their own research and education.

World''Vest Base (WVB)''s CEO, Philippe O'' Piette views that for an investor to be successful, a financial database is something that they cannot do without with.

Philippe views that though Asian countries have emerged stronger after the financial crisis, but for their economies to grow stronger and steadier. Investors in Asia must shrug off their speculative appetite and really become investors. Only then will Asia countries be more stable.

In an exclusive interview with China Press, Philippe says that it is vital for the investors to get hold of the first source of information, like annual reports before they invest in the companies. The first source of information is important, as it would technically be the most accurate form of information of the company, provided by the company itself. Sometimes, processed information could be bias or inaccurate.

In terms of compiling financial information, there are a few levels. From a stock market view point, we could start to analyze the share price movements. The movement of the share prices is a source of information. The movement of the share market as a whole is largely reflected by the movements in the share prices of the companies.

Other than share prices, the process of compiling and collecting information is important, especially compiling the first source of information, like annual reports. It is vital that any processed information or data could be traced back to the real source of information, i.e. annual reports to reflect unbiased analysis.

Hence, WVB''s business is providing a financial database, in which the data is sourced from the annual reports itself. Philippe added that an uninformed investor or speculator will eventually lose in the stock market battle. But a serious investor who does his home work will win.

Philippe views that the days of speculation is largely over. This is because of the speed of the corporate news being disseminated has increased, and most people are able to obtain these information at the same time. The era of speculation is largely over.