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» World'Vest Base announces the setup of an Independent Equity Research Division.
World''Vest Base (WVB), the global fundamental financial provider announces the creation of an independent Equity Research Division. Mr. Robert Ngieng Ping Suh and Ms. Shel Ming Chen will be heading the new division.

Mr. Robert Ngieng Ping Suh, prior to joining WVB 3 years ago as team leader of Hong Kong and China, was engaged with MDEX - Malaysia Derivatives Exchange Berhad where he gained wide experiences in the derivative industry. He graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy from University of Putra Malaysia in 1996.

Ms. Chen Shel Ming, prior to joining WVB 2 years ago as team leader of Europe, was engaged with Citigroup Malaysia. She graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia with Bachelor of Business Administration in 1998 and held MA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Leeds in 2001.

Initially the research will be concentrated on a stock universe of 600 GDR''s. Two types of reports are made available. One set of research is focusing on the general concept of shareholders value drivers based on operating, strategic, asset and size/diversity risk assessment. The other set of research reports is based on a more in-depth sector or regional approach. The commercialization of the reports is scheduled to be available by the summer 2004.

“The idea of WVB to build on its core business has been in the works for a long period of time. Our company''s core competency has always been the collection, processing and analysis of financial data. Most of the WVB staff around the world has a deep understanding and experience of accounting and financial analysis, so it is only natural that WVB now is moving deeper into the analytical and forecasting business. Not only have we thought about this since quite a while, but also we have worked with some of our clients over the years to create analytical models and frames of reference, gaining additional insight and expertise. As we are one of the few truly independent international data companies left in the marketplace, we can provide objective and non-biased research to investors around the globe. Our team is exited at the prospects this new avenue of core activity offers to WVB, its staff and clients,” said Philippe O. Piette, CEO of WVB.