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» World'Vest Base extends its presence in Middle East
World''Vest Base(WVB), the global fundamental financial provider announces the opening of its office in Cairo, Egypt on July 1, 2004. The office is the first data collection centre for WVB in the Middle East.The new office will be responsible for data collection and processing for the region. The following countries will be processed: Algeria, Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia or 1,700 companies in the region. Mr. Razhan Suhairi Bin Shaaban is the regional manager and assisted by Ms. Suzan Mohamed Mohamed Safwat, as General Manager Middle East.

Ms. Suzan Safwat obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (English Section) Accounting of AIN Shams University Cairo and the CMA designation. Ms. Suzan has gained extensive experience as an auditor at KPMG Hazam Hassan. She will be supervising the original team of 5 people.

"Our new office in Cairo will complement the other WVB offices in regards to language and accounting skills. Despite the current regional tensions and problems, we are confident that in the end the region will find a way to peace and provide the people of the region with economic opportunities. By establishing a representative office in Cairo, WVB will extend its information services beyond its current scope and provide the tools for investments to take place,” said Philippe Piette, CEO of WVB. I am also much exited to be working with Ms. Suzan Safwat, a highly motivated and experienced person, and an exceptional team of young professionals.