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» WVB and DP Information Network Pte Ltd Strikes Alliance
World''Vest Base, Inc, (WVB), a leading provider company financial fundamentals to the worldwide financial community, and DP Information Network (DP Info), the leading provider of business information, today announced a strategic partnership where WVB''s products will be co-branded and made available at DP Info''s 1QuestNet.com (www.1QuestNet.com), a web-based service offering businesses a portfolio of comprehensive online financial and credit related services to clients in Singapore and the region.

WVB''s CEO, Philippe said: “We are pleased to be able to offer clients in Singapore and Asia access to WVB''s data through DP Information''s high-performance infrastructure. This complements our global network by leveraging DP Information''s connectivity to over 90% of all financial institutions in Singapore and MNCs and SMEs locally and around the region.”

DP Info''s Managing Director, Ms Chen Yew Nah said: “This partnership with WVB makes available WVB''s global financial database of listed companies to thousands of decision-makers who use 1QuestNet everyday. This will strengthen their ability to make faster decisions across global borders, enabling Singapore-based companies to have a critical information advantage access.”

1Questnet is optimized to meet the financial industry''s extreme demands for reliability, security and high performance information access.

1Questnet.com is DP Info''s e-commerce enabled website providing real-time critical corporate information. 1QuestNet.com offers users a portfolio of comprehensive online business research and credit information services covering both Singapore and countries throughout the globe

About World''Vest Base Inc.
World''Vest Base(WVB) Inc.''s trade is the collection of company financial information worldwide and provides, via the most advanced means, data that is required to make sound financial decisions. The WVB global database is the financial industry''s premier source of detailed and transparent financial statement data on listed and delisted companies. WVB data is “as reported” (WVB Master) as well as “harmonised” (WVB Analyst) by the companies, in accordance with the accounting standards and presentation of the particular countries. The database universe spans over 30,000 industrial companies from more than 80 countries all over Asia, Australia/Oceania, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America and Latin America.

About DP Information Network
DP Information Network (DP Info) is a long-term investor and leader in quality business information and services in Singapore and the region. Its commitment is to build quality data, information, research and total one-stop credit management services to support the growth of the Singapore economy and the region.

DP Info helps financial institutions, law firms, MNCs, SMEs, investors, trade and business professionals to quickly make informed, confident decisions based on verified corporate information. DP Info revolutionalised the business information services sector in Singapore when it introduced QuestLine, an online business and credit information service, to Corporate Singapore. Today, more than 95% of all financial institutions, more than 70% of all major law firms, and leading MNCs choose QuestLine and 1QuestNet as their trusted business information tool. For more information please visit, www.dpgroup.com.sg.