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» Business Risk Report and Credit Metric Report
World´Vest Base (WVB), the global fundamental financial provider is pleased to announce the release of two new analytical products after 2 years of conceptual and research development: Business Risk Report and Credit Metric Report.

The Business Risk Report calculates an accounting business risk based on four criteria´s: Operating, strategic, asset and size/diversity. The predicted Business Risk is can be used as a risk premium that can be added to the risk-free rate of return for bearing the firm´s business risk.

The Credit Metric Report is a credit rating scoring model based exclusively on five factors, multiplied by a fixed coefficient that are the same for all companies and summed to a score of financial strength that corresponds to a predicted credit rating. The calculations are objective and transparent, in the sense that the reports is exclusively based on reported financial results and are not adjusted or modified by outside influences. However, a note of caution and warning is required. The model is unable to: 1) detect company fraudulent accounting representation, 2) it is lagging, in the sense that it relies on past performance, and 3) it is unable to predict "black swans", namely statistical aberrations. The advantage of the model is that WVB is generating uniform results for all companies covered in the WVB database.

Investors and lenders should use both reports as a tool in their assessment of companies overall credit worthiness or security selection. The results can also be used in equity or loan portfolio construction and monitoring.

World´vest Base Inc., created in 1984, is a leading information service organization that provides corporate statistical and credit information to institutional investors and lending organizations worldwide on over 35,000 companies. World´vest Base Inc. has offices in USA , Malaysia , Vietnam , Hong Kong , Egypt , Mexico , France and United Kingdom .

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