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» World'Vest Base disaster recovery plan completed
World''Vest Base (WVB), the global fundamental financial provider announces the completion of its disaster recovery plan initiated 2 years ago. The new infrastructure includes synchronized Oracle 10G databases in three locations: Chicago (USA), Hanoi (Vietnam) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).
After September 11, WVB re-evaluated its infrastructure and after an extensive study decided that two problems could be solved at once. The first problem was to have a supplementary backup and production system in place, that in the eventuality of an other major disruption, WVB would be able to service its clients. The second issue was that occasionally due to temporary internet connection failures; our staff was unable to continue to update the required information. This problem was solved by duplicating the Chicago infrastructure in Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur. The Oracle 10G software allowed WVB to implement the synchronization of the mirrored databases. Internally it is estimated that WVB will have gained, besides the disaster recovery aspect, a good 15% to 20% productivity gain by eliminating internet failures down time. Over the past three months, extensive tests were run to assure that the synchronization worked, first between Chicago and Hanoi, then further deployed in Kuala Lumpur. At the same time WVB added certain enhancements to its collection software, like switching over to Unicode, allowing text storage in non-roman language characters.
“Mr. Ed Coronado, Mr. Le Hoai Anh and Mr. Dang Xuan Them provided a perfect collaborative effort in delivering the new infrastructure to WVB. It also validated our faith as a client in Oracle. The Oracle 10G proved to be robust, delivered to our expectations and what had been promised. A rare event with software I might add.” said CEO Philippe O. Piette.
World''vest Base Inc., created in 1984, is a leading information service organization that provides corporate statistical and credit information to institutional investors and lending organizations worldwide on over 45,000 companies. World''vest Base Inc. has offices in USA, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Egypt, Mexico, France and United Kingdom.
For further information contact Philippe O. Piette or Callie Lai Chern Yan.