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» Institutional Risk Analytics, World Vest Base, Expand Business Ties

Kuala Lumpur & New York, August 14, 2007. World’Vest Base (“WVB”), the financial industry’s premier source of detailed and transparent financial statement data on public companies, and Institutional Risk Analytics (“IRA”), a leader in providing custom risk management and financial benchmarking tools, have agreed to expand their business relationship to include marketing and sales of their respective products and services.

Under the accord, IRA will market and sell the global financial statement data aggregated by WVB, which includes two core databases: the WVB Master, which provides “as filed” data for 49,000 public and 120,000 private companies; and WVB Analyst, which provides harmonized data for the same universe of global companies.

In addition, WVB will market and sell IRA’s analytics products and consulting services, including the IRA Bank Monitor, which provides financial performance benchmarks, Basel II credit risk factors and Economic Capital metrics for all US banks and bank holding companies “as filed” regulatory data; and the IRA SEC Catalog, which provides users with access to “as filed” content and data for US listed companies, funds and other entities required to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Under the agreement, WVB and IRA will cooperate in areas such as Basel II implementation and enterprise risk management to help their clients address the challenging credit, market and operational risks that exist in today’s markets.

“It is an exciting venture,” says WVB CEO Philippe Piette. “IRA’s expertise and WVB’s activities are perfect complements.  Together we offer effective and complete solutions to Basel II implementations.  This should be of primary interest to a number of our existing clients.  It is the first time that the IRA analytics matrix will be applied to non-US companies, allowing a more global analytical framework and evaluation than just a US centric world view.  It is a pleasure to work with Dennis, Chris and their talented team.”

“WVB is the oldest and most experienced player in the world of global financial data and we are delighted to be expanding our relationship with them,” says IRA CEO Dennis Santiago.  “Our relationship with WVB will allow us to offer their products to our new and existing clients, and also to work with Philippe and his colleagues in such areas as privileged data collection, global bank performance benchmarks and Basel II.” 

“This announcement is very timely,” adds Santiago.  “Recent events in the financial markets clearly demonstrate the need to carefully review existing data and risk measurement tools to ensure that managers see the entire picture.  Our relationship with WVB will enable us to provide that service to our respective clients.”

About World’Vest Base

World''Vest Base, Inc. (WVB)’s trade is the comprehensive collection of company financial fundamentals worldwide and provision of data that is required to make sound financial decisions.   The WVB global database is the financial industry’s premier source of detailed and transparent financial statement data on public companies. The database universe spans over 49,000 companies over 100 countries from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America.  WVB Regional databases cover private companies in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Egypt.  WVB is also provider databases with Insider & Major Shareholders Transactions, specialized End of day pricing for emerging markets and worldwide credit risk and business risk scoring.

About Institutional Risk Analytics

Institutional Risk Analytics is a Los Angeles-based provider of customized financial analysis and valuation tools for risk managers, auditors and other financial professionals. IRA offers clients the ability to design screening & analytical systems, and related data handling tools, to their precise specifications.  IRA provides fundamental screening, credit and performance benchmarking, Basel II simulation and Economic Capital modeling for all US banks and bank holding companies.  Data and analytical tools for global commercial and financial names are also available, along with leading edge forensic tools for mining SEC documents.  And all of IRA’s tools are available for subscription or purchase, deployed either internally or via the web in a managed service model.