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» WVB Launches new “as reported” Global Banking database.

Kuala Lumpur & New York, August 31, 2007. World’Vest Base (“WVB”), the financial industry’s premier source of detailed and transparent financial statement data on public companies, announces a new global “as reported” banking database.

The company has developed over the last nine months a database that contains three distinct sets of public listed banks. The first set covers currently about 1,400 non-US banks. The second set covers detailed Islamic banks, mainly in the MENA region. Currently the history covered is 5 years, including quarterly data. The third dataset covers 8,900 US banks as filed with the FDIC, Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Reserve System.  Besides the detailed data sets, two levels of rolled-up of accounts exist, so as to allow a more “universal” comparison of data on a worldwide basis.

“This is a natural extension of our business and especially in view of our association with Institutional Risk Analytics. We have always covered banks, but never to the level of detail WVB normally would for industrial companies. Now that this has been accomplished, with an enormous amount of hard work by the WVB team, we can now develop more complete bank metric models and allow better risk modeling under Bassel II.” said Philippe O. Piette, CEO of WVB.  “Our team shall be working with our partners at IRA in coming weeks and months to develop a set of consistent benchmarks for the key Basel II credit risk variables using these global databases.”

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