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» World'Vest Base Vietnam again on the Vietnam Television Channel 1 weekly program

Hanoi, 09 June 2008 – Channel No.1 of Vietnam Television (VTV1) has aired the short documentary on  Mr. Philippe O.Piette and his company in Vietnam today as an introduction part of the weekly program “ Integration” aired every Monday night through out the country. This program has concentrated on potential opportunities for Vietnam when Vietnam emerges as a more popular outsourcing destination than both China and India.  Mr. Philippe appears  again in TV program as a living proof  of  successful foreign investment in Vietnam based on the growing, youthful  and talented Vietnamese workforce with high aspirations to develop their career development with World''Vest Base Vietnam.  Impressing Vietnamese TV audiences  with his daily activities such as riding motorbike in crowded streets, use chopsticks skillfully to eat “pho” (A Vietnamese noodle) on roadside stalls, Philippe proved that he is really stick to the saying “When in Rome, do as the Roman''s do” for sound understanding of local culture.

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About VTV & VTV1:

Vietnam Television (VTV), the national broadcaster of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the only nation-wide TV in Vietnam.  Vietnam Television is a Government institution which operates by Government budget and is under the direct administration by the Government.As the leading news and mass communication organization in Vietnam, VTV plays an active role in the nation’s ideological and cultural forefront by disseminating information to the general public across the country & overseas Vietnamese. Besides, it’s also an effective channel for mutual communication among over 50 ethnic groups in Vietnam as well as between Vietnam and the rest of the world.

VTV1 is  the first and the largest channel of VTV on news and current affairs and  initially broadcasted in 1970