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» WVB upgrades its Data Management System for global database of public company fundamentals with source document page linking.
Hanoi/Kuala Lumpur, January 7, 2009, WVB announced that the company has upgraded its data quality management system by offering new feature linking the stored data with the page numbering for auditable financials of public companies worldwide and private companies in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. As part of the company’s rigorous data quality program, this function will enable end-users of data to instantly trace specific financial items in the database to the source documents.

“WVB has developed additional technology, to allow WVB data users to reconcile the stored data with the actual reporting documents”, said Philippe O.Piette, CEO of WVB. “Data transparency and accuracy is critical, especially in this day and age. Often companies publish multiple financial documents (example US Sec and domestic filings) for the same period, which may or may not contain different sets of accounting data due to different accounting treatment used. Our new technology and dataset allows the user the link directly into the source document to the exact location where the data was obtained. This is done with the requirement that the PDF documents remain locked; so as to assure that no data tampering took place. WVB strongly believes that this will further help the users to ascertain the accuracy of the datasets.”
From December 31, 2008, WVB’s clients can benefit from this audit capability for over 50,000 public companies worldwide in its global database.
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