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» World'Vest Base extends its presence in Mongolia

FISL/World'Vest Base(WVB), the global fundamental financial data provider and credit rating agency, announces the opening of its representative office in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia as of November 1, 2009. The office is nestled right in the financial triangle of Ulaanbaatar and is the sixth data collection centre for WVB in Asia.
The new office will be responsible for collecting data on both public and private companies in Mongolia, and will additionally provide credit ratings on local companies and promote valuation services.
“Mongolia offers exciting investment opportunities, especially in the mining and agricultural sectors. In a world of possible future raw material and food shortages, Mongolia is one of the few places that is nearly completely untapped. With the second largest copper deposits in the world, an estimated 22 million head of cattle and 30 million sheep, the enormous potential of Mongolia has been largely overlooked.
FISL has applied to the Mongolian Securities and Exchange Commission for official recognition as the National Credit Rating Agency. Our wish is to promote transparency and information to local and international investors, so that the country may develop harmoniously.” said Philippe O. Piette, CEO and Chairman of FISL/WVB.

Mr. Ider Tumurbaayar
FISL Mongolia, Altai Center, Suite 605, Peace Avenue, Sukbaatar Distr., POB 1386, Ulaanbaatar 15160, Mongolia.