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» World'vest Base releases WVB Business Risk

WVB has added a dynamic tool for discerning users to assess the risk and rewards of publicly listed companies. The objective methodology employed by WVB enables transparency and confidence in comparing over 42,000 active publicly listed companies and 12,000 inactive ones.

The global coverage enables users to contrast companies by industry sector, by location, size and many other factors. Coupled with the provision of business risk on inactive companies, comparison with companies that have failed or were bought enables greater insight to analysis of companies.

The WVB Business Risk model calculates what the cost of equity would be in the absence of debt financing. The business risk can be thought of as a risk premium on top of the risk-free rate that compensates stakeholders for bearing just the firm’s business risk. The cost of equity is an opportunity cost equal to the total return that investors could expect to earn from alternative investments of comparable risk. In other words, the company cost of equity is the risk-free rate prevailing on long-term government bonds plus the appropriate scaled risk premium.

The calculation of this is achieved by analysis of the four major risk factors comprising of eighteen risk measures that determine business risk.

"WVB Business Risk is an important tool for investors and analysts around the world, especially in the current difficult economic conditions. The provision of data covering such a large percentage of the world`s publicly listed companies enables analysis of many factors that were difficult or impossible beforehand.

P.O.Piette CEO of WVB 18th March 2012

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