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» World'vest Base announces an important new addition

World'vest Base is pleased to announce an important new addition to our offering, every US Bank registered with FDIC, both private and publicly listed. This is addition the the 2,000 plus non-US Banks.

This comprises over 9,500 US banks over the last 10 years of which some 7,384 are currently active. Where banks have been trading for 10 years they show 10 years of history.

The private banks are included within the WVB Private Company Offering.

"It is a common misconception that the economic power of a country can be measured by its industrial output, crucial as this is. The real power of a country is the vitality of its banking sector. By adding private US banks to our offering a hugely powerful analytical tool is now available to our customers worldwide."

P O. Piette 18th December 2011

When pressed on future plans for expanding banking data within the global economic downturn, Mr Piette commented "World'vest Base remains committed to providing only proven, factual data and analysis that adheres to acclaimed standards and models. When recession looms there is a fundamental need for accuracy and precision rather than gossip and guesses. I will not be pinned down to specifics and timetables, but with WVB already having achieved approximately 98% global coverage of publicly listed companies, over the next few months there will be a number of announcements regarding new products, increased data offerings and bespoke analysis." He added "WVB's goal is to provide trusted independent financial data to all who recognize its worth. Comprehensive in depth coverage of all US banks is a small but important step towards being able to independently and impartially analyze the global economy".