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» FISL Appointed by Bangladesh

October 30th, 2012. FISL is pleased to confirm the announcement by the SEC and Central Bank of Bangladesh of their grant of a license to act as a recognized designated Registered Credit Rating Company.

Philippe Piette (CEO of FISL) stated "This is an important step for the development of Bangladesh, South East Asia and wider spheres. The recognition of an openly objective and independent Credit Rating Company will enable greater transparency and increase opportunities for trade. I am pleased to have teamed up with WASO Credit Rating Company (BD) Ltd. as our local partner. WASO is part of a highly respected consulting and engineering group in Bangladesh.”

"Companies do not pay FISL to provide any ratings, instead FISL applies rigorous widely acclaimed analysis based only on data that has been proven to be accurate. This enables not only transparency, but fairness to companies globally. All are assessed by the same open and transparent process".

Philippe added "At a time when the perception of risk is heightened, the accurate and open assessment of companies in Bangladesh can only improve their prospects for increased trade."

FISL already provides WVB Credit Ratings, together with WVB Business risk and WVB Shari'a Ratings.

About Financial Intelligence Services Ltd. (Hong Kong) and World Vest Base:

FISL is a holding company with offices in 16 countries. WVB was established in 1985 in Chicago, USA, World'Vest Base (WVB) has becomes the world’s leading global provider of financial fundamentals serving the research and analytic needs of thousands of top companies in the financial services, media and corporate markets. The WVB global database is the financial industry’s premier source of detailed and transparent financial statement data on public companies. The database universe spans over 80,000 public companies in over 153 countries from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America. WVB Regional databases also cover hundreds of thousands of private companies in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Egypt. WVB also provides databases with Insider & Major Shareholders Transactions, specialized End-of-Day pricing for emerging markets and worldwide credit risk and business risk scoring.
Further information can be reached at the company’s official website: http://www.wvb.com