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» NRI Partners With Financial Intelligence Services for International Corporate Data

TOKYO – Nov. 1st, 2013 – Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., (NRI) a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, today announced a partnership with Financial Intelligence Services, Ltd. (FISL) to provide corporate financial information for more than 44,600 global listed companies and 30,000 inactive companies, including from emerging countries, through NRI’s information database service IDS, starting Oct. 25, 2013.

Through the partnership, NRI’s IDS clients using FISL’s Analyst will be able to accurately and easily compare data issued by corporations with FISL’s WVB Master, which generates reports with the same granular data as the corporate discloses issued by firms. Data can be extracted in various formats, including CSV and Excel spreadsheets. As part of the agreement, FISL will provide original PDF financial reports and files disclosed by the corporations. Through FISL’s WVB Rating offering, end-users will be able to view original rating scores for firms that are not officially analyzed by rating agencies, and have access to credit risk reports, business risk reports and Sharia ratings.

“We have seen many of our clients and firms in the industry looking to diversify their business and stand out from their competitors through international investments,” said Yasuki Okai, Senior Managing Director and Financial Technology Solution Division Manager, NRI. “Working with FISL will provide the companies we work with access to the vast world of internationally-based corporations by delivering assurance in the form of accurate financial data and ratings analysis. We look forward to expanding our relationship with FISL to continue meeting the industry’s growing interest in the emerging markets.”

“We are pleased to be able to offer clients in Japan and Asia access to WVB's data through NRI's high-performance infrastructure and network,” commented Philippe O. Piette, Chairman and CEO at FISL. “This compliments our global network by leveraging NRI's connectivity to more than half of all financial institutions in Japan, as well as multinational corporations and business, locally and around the region.”

FISL’s strength lies in mining data for corporations in emerging regions, such as Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. NRI will initially provide services with FISL in English and is planning to develop a Japanese version.