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» Company Watch and World Vest Base Announce Partnership
London 31/10/2013 1700 hrs. Following an extremely detailed appraisal and selection process Company Watch is pleased to announce that it has selected World Vest Base as its supplier of global company fundamental data.

Denis Baker, CEO of Company Watch, commented “We chose World Vest Base on the strength of its breadth and depth of data, which covers companies from 158 countries comprising over 99.99% of global market capitalization. World Vest’s data integrates seamlessly into Company Watch’s H-Score predictive models.  Further, their highly detailed supporting corporate information including details of group companies, key shareholders, competitors and officers, will enhance understanding of the financial dynamics of any company when combined with the power of the H-Score analytics. ” 

Philippe Piette, CEO of WVB continued “World Vest Base has kept a watching brief on Company Watch for a number of years. My team became even more impressed with their methodology and innovative solutions to the way they interpret and categorize data. WVB is very pleased to have been successful in an extremely rigorous selection process, as well as having the opportunity to work with a company we respect and that demands that WVB delivers the high standards that Company Watch requires of itself”.

Alain Piette a Director of WVB, said “It is a testament to the teams involved that the integration process has been achieved so thoroughly. We look forward to enjoying a mutually beneficially working relationship with Company Watch”.

Company Watch
Company Watch specialises in financial risk management, tracking and predicting the financial health of companies worldwide and has identified virtually every company failure in advance over the past 15 years.
Having spent more than a decade developing complex mathematical models Company Watch has identified the key ratios that differentiate the winners from the losers. The combination of these ratios is called the H-Score®, which powers the interactive online financial risk management system. Working with the leading banks, accounting firms, insurance companies, government agencies and corporates, Company Watch has helped their clients to address their financial risk management needs in credit and procurement both online and through integrated tailored solutions. For further information go to www.companywatch.net.

World Vest Base
Established in 1985 WVB now has 11 offices and over 400 employees. It specializes in company Fundamental data covering some 158 countries comprising over 42,600 active and more than 39,500 inactive publicly listed companies. Note: A company is defined as the legal entity not by listing or ISIN, though these are covered in the data. Data is “As Published” by the reporting company with harmonized data to enable correct comparison. All data is provable by Pdf of original filed documents.
The depth and breadth of the data is unparalleled and is consistent in detail across the world. Additionally WVB collects private company data primarily in Asia as well as providing global credit ratings, business risk ratings and Shari’a compliance ratings.
Further information can be found at: www.wvb.com
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