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» World Vest Base (WVB) and Uzabase Inc. Announce Partnership

World Vest Base and Uzabase are excited to announce the signing of a long term partnership. Philippe O. Piette the CEO of World Vest Base stated "If WVB had built a platform it would be along the same lines as SPEEDA. It is very clean and has a deceivingly simple look and feel.  It is however based on very sophisticated thinking and models, none of which intrude into the user experience. In essence it has a "Zen" feel to it, as the power of the platform does not overshadow its simplicity. When I saw it for the first time, I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part owner of Uzabase".

The deal, besides WVB taking a stake in Uzabase, assures the SPEEDA clients the long-term stability and continuity of data and platform integration. Uzabase wanted a key differentiator for their further expansion. Besides the WVB Analyst database, Uzabase will also offer to its clients the option to subscribe in 2014 to the WVB Master Database,  delivering a seamless data flow from document to "as reported", to "standardized" data sets. The level of WVB data in terms of depth, breadth and sheer detail, consistently applied across the world’s markets, convinced Uzabase that the SPEEDA platform could be made to be even more powerful.

Since Uzabase launched the SPEEDA platform they have rapidly increased their market share in Japan, winning significant business from a wide range of competitors resulting in the need to open new offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

A spokesman for Uzabase continued "We are truly excited to engage in this long-term partnership with WVB. WVB’s excellent quality of comprehensive data is renowned worldwide, and that’s why we were eager to incorporate WVB’s expertise as we constantly develop a revolutionary information platform. We’ve always strived to create SPEEDA in a way that empowers users through a minimalist, yet intuitive, interface to make better informed business decisions. The inclusion of WVB’s data undoubtedly enhances SPEEDA’s breadth and depth, and we’re certain our users will rejoice at having even more powerful and detailed information at their fingertips. We’re absolutely delighted to make this announcement, and we’re confident this fusion will inspire and catalyse the success of SPEEDA going forward."

Both WVB and Uzabase have embraced the latter’s philosophy of "Think Beyond".