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» Bursa Malaysia to expand regional digital offerings via DIBots


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KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 8  -- Bursa Malaysia Bhd, through a new strategic collaboration with financial service
provider   World’vest Base Inc (WVB), will   offer   a one-stop cross-functional data solution which
includes investor relations, strategic and operational decision-making and its compliance requirements.
Under the collaboration, the stock exchange operator will provide relevant Malaysia market data
while WVB will provide international financial and company-specific fundamental data. Both data sets will
be made available on a new platform called “DIBots”, which will be offered to the industry through
Today, companies regardless of size, sector or type, need to rely on multiple sources for data to address their
diverse strategic, operational and regulatory needs, said Bursa Malaysia in a statement.

“DIBots aims to address this fragmented data landscape by providing a one-stop cross-functional data
solution to serve the various needs of companies, which includes, amongst other, investor relations,
strategic and operational decision-making and its compliance requirements.”
Bursa Malaysia chief executive officer (CEO) Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift said this would enable companies
to leverage opportunities provided by value-added data services that are available.
“Having precise insights at the right moment will give companies the ability to act and adapt quickly,
especially during a period where digital and contactless business is increasingly becoming the norm.
“To address the information asymmetry of the market, Participating Organisations can leverage on this
platform which will offer daily, relevant trade statistics,” he added.

Bursa Malaysia believes DIBots can emerge as the benchmark for service differentiation among other data
service providers by offering expanded datasets not commonly available in the market.
Meanwhile, WVB chairman and CEO Philippe O’Piette said, “DIBots will enable Bursa Malaysia to further
expand its digital offerings to stakeholders in the capital market ecosystem. This value-added data
proposition, delivered through a one-stop platform, will provide customers with unique and predictive
insights at a highly affordable subscription pricing.”

WVB’s customer base in the financial sector space includes government agencies, rating bureaus, financial
intermediaries, accounting and tax advisory firms, academic institutions and third-party data integrators.
DIBots is co-founded by its CEO Lim Kok Eng, who has more than 20 years’ experience in data analytics,
specialising in capital market data.
This strategic collaboration with WVB is a step forward for Bursa Malaysia to evolve into a high-performance
data-driven organisation.