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APEC Securities and WORLD´S VEST BASE VIETNAM are preparing beginning steps in their cooperation to redistribute research reports and earning estimates worldwide.


The multinational World´Vest Base Inc. with history of 23 years was established in 1985 in Chicago. It is the biggest private owned and totally independent company specializing in collecting and providing financial data to serve the research and analytic needs of thousands of top companies in the financial services, media and corporate markets, government agencies and individuals worldwide.


Being the broker firm with the widest transaction network in Vietnam, APEC always heavily focuses on human resource. With professional financial experts having many real experiences in stock market, APEC often gives out precise judgments on Vietnamese stock market. Via the channel of cooperating between APEC and WVB, APEC´s reports will be widely distributed to financial institutions who manage 90 % of the GLOBAL total equities.  Moreover, global prestige financial magazines will publish and help APEC to distribute these financial reports. This potential cooperation will surely mark APEC´s steps to become the biggest securities company in Vietnam.


On the anniversary of two year establishment, APEC presents VND10 million of transaction fee and 100% transaction fee of newly listed stocks for customers opening accounts in November and December of 2008.

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