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» WVB data program for doctoral dissertations is proving to be helpful to its participants.
FISL/World'Vest Base(WVB), the global fundamental financial data provider and credit rating agency, is pleased to announce that its data program for doctoral dissertations is proving to be helpful to its participants.

“With the WVB Credit Ratings having truly global coverage with ratings for over 18,000 publicly listed companies, and demonstrating critical impartiality and objectiveness due to the subject companies not paying for the credit rating to be produced, participants in the data program can at last utilise deep and academically rigorous data models to examine a wide range of economic and financial scenarios across the world in a way that was extremely difficult or simply not possible beforehand” explains Philippe O’Piette the CEO of FISL. He added “We congratulate Abdullah A.K. Al-Khawaaldah Bani Hasan (Ash-Shu’ayree As-Salafi) from the University of Plymouth, UK, School of Business, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, and The Hashemite University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Kingdom of Jordan, on becoming Doctor of Philosophy“.

Please follow the link to download an abstract of the dissertation “Accounting disclosure, financial transparency, ownership structure and corporate governance: implications for internal and external WVB Jordanian credit risk assessments”.

January 18th, 2011, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia