Announcement: Change Of Company Logo

On April 8, 2024, World’Vest Base proudly unveiled our brand identity and new logo. It symbolizes our evolution into a premier global financial data and solutions provider.
Old logo
New logo
The Significance of WVB’s New Logo
Upon thoughtful deliberation, we have selected a new logo that embodies a contemporary aesthetic, aligning with our mission and growth trajectory, while upholding our enduring legacy.

Discover the profound significance and message embedded within this new logo:

Green Hexagon: The hexagon is the connecting center of universal coherence which ties everything together and links everything back and also represents how our relational database works. The hexagon shape is reminiscent of a honeycomb, which symbolizes teamwork, collaboration, and community. Green is associated with growth, harmony, and balance and also represents sustainability and our commitment towards environmental, social and governance responsibilities. Proud as we are of our legacy, we have retained the same green from our previous logo, which remain our corporate colors.  

Orange Hexagon: Orange hexagon signifies enthusiasm, creativity, and determination from within which propels the group forward.  

Core of Orange Hexagon: The rectangles symbolizes “1” and “0” reflecting that technology is a core component in our workplace and reflects our on-going digital transformation journey.  

As we embark on this new chapter, our updated logo will gradually appear across all touch-points. Rest assured, any documents or materials bearing our previous logo remain fully valid and effective. You will see our logo change immediately on our digital presence, and in the upcoming months, we will be updating all of our physical assets as well.  

By Order of the Board
World Vest Base

April 8, 2024