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WVB is a company with a team of world-class experts who specialize in collecting, connecting, analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data.

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Junior Data Engineer Job Description

As a junior data engineer, your role is expected to contribute to the operation, support, enhancement of data operations platform and the development of data pipelines, including data quality assessment, data quality evaluation, data curation and enrichment processes.

Job Description
  • Handling data extraction, data transformation, data load (ETLs)
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Support
  • Data Mapping/ Record linkages
  • Willing to learn new things to perform or to exam alternative solutions in lab particularly in technologies or open-sources
  • Be always supportive to other internal teams
  • Fresh graduate or incoming graduate
  • Coding and scripting skills
  • Has open mind, and be supportive, self-driven
  • Good English
  • Comfortable working with high volume data in a variety of formats
  • Skills: Python, SQL, Spark, Linux
  • Experience with CI/CD, version control tools is a plus
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