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WVB is a company with a team of world-class experts who specialize in collecting, connecting, analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data.

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Junior Data Scientist Job Description

In this role you will be part of the team to support the senior in analysis, research, ML/DL modelling that is underpinning new and current products. You will in addition provide alternative algorithms in demand from the senior, bring your applicable solution or recommendation with scientific and applicable proofs.

Job Description
  • Perform ML/AI models in support for various helps internally and externally
  • Construct metrics or statistical validation for model performances
  • Handle analysis or observation in order to improve the quality of data science products
  • Demonstrate analysis or AI/ML model output to the senior or team
  • Collaborate with team members and other teams to apply AI/ML into productions
  • Fresh graduate or incoming graduate
  • Coding and scripting skills
  • Has open mind, and be supportive, self-driven
  • Good English
  • Comfortable working with high volume data in a variety of formats
  • Skills: Python, SQL, Spark, Linux
  • Has corporate finance or financial experience is a plus
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